Aero PED Fire Containment Extinguisher System

A unique Ultra Low Weight Flexible Stainless Steel, ALL Metallic ( Quad Metal) PED-Lithium Battery Fire Containment Extinguisher System that addresses in-flight on board Aviation Safety Hazard along with concerns of Weight related to Fuel Burn & daily Operational Costs with a Quick Return on Investment in a Cost Effective Minimum Maintenance Solution to enable Larger Deployments per Aircraft.

Unique Ultra Low Weight Flexible Stainless Steel, ALL Metallic (Quad Metal). Kevlar-Panox-Kapton reinforced

Built In Self Destruct Modules of "COLD FIRE" Halon Alternative EPA approved (SNAP) Extinguishing Agent

Safe Approach & Direct PED Entrapment enables rapid deployment, no loss of time/safety with transfer devices

Quad Metal Construction-High Temp Anti Corrosive Toughness of Stainless Steel, Inter-metal Bond of Nickel, High Thermal Conductivity of Copper, High Heat Dissipation capability of 99 % Pure Aero-Space tech Silver.

Aero PED Fire ConEx
AeroPEDFireConE in Kydex Case top View

Aero PED Fire ConEx in Kydex Case with High Temp. Gloves

AeroPEDFireConEx Deployed

Aero PED Fire Deployed

  • Ultra Low Weight All Metallic,Quad Metal Layer, Direct Entrapment & Heat Extraction Patented Design.
  • Safe Approach for Direct Entrapment of PED on Fire, No transfer loss of safety/time with devices.
  • No Calibration required & Batteries to be changed.
  • Minimum required standard Fire Safety Inspection can be carried on by Airline group.
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Interior to withstand 1510 0C (2750 0F) and High Temperature Corrosive Molten Lithium Metal Flames while simultaneously Conducting Heat Away from PED Fire Source.
  • Inter-metallic Binding Nickel.
  • High Heat Conductivity of Copper.
  • Aero-Space Layer of 99 % Pure Silver Exterior for Rapid Heat Dissipation.
  • Kevlar, Panox & Kapton reinforced construction with High Temperature Insulating Handles.
  • High Thermal Mass for Quick Absorption with Large Thermal Dissipation Surface Area enables Rapid Heat Extraction which stops Li Ion Battery Thermal Runaway. All Metal Construction extract Heat from single point Fire source over on all areas and distributes over a large area and hence requires less quantities Extinguishing/Wetting Agent
  • Built in “COLD FIRE” Halon Alternative EPA approved (SNAP) Extinguishing Agent. Cold Fire also neutralizes¬† flammability of un-ignited Hydro Carbon Fuel Gas ejected by Li Ion Battery.
  • High Temp Gloves-Preox-Aramide Fabric Aluminized, EN388:3543 & EN407:443444
  • Creased Kink Metal fold if the Flexible unit with High Temp Silicon Gaskets contains cools and contains Hot Gases
  • Ultra Low Weight enables Low Fuel Burn related Daily Operational Costs.
  • Cost Effective Low Maintenance Design to enables simple inspection & Larger Deployment per Aircraft.
  • Avoid expensive emergency turnaround/landing, flight delay,
  • Prevent interior repairs & A.O.G. ¬†situation.
  • Protect aircraft asset. Minimize Ecological damage.
  • Aero PED FireConEx truly & cost effectively helps make every type of Aircraft PED Friendly and Safe

First of its Kind, an ULTRA LOW WEIGHT, FLEXIBLE Stainless Steel and ALL METALLIC, QUAD METAL (Stainless Steel, Nickel, Copper, Silver), MULTILAYER , Kevlar-Panox, Kapton Reinforced Construction & Patented Safe Approach for Direct Entrapment of PED together with Heat Extraction, Built In Self Destruct Modules of “COLD FIRE” Halon Alternative EPA approved (SNAP) Extinguishing Agent that arrests Li ion Battery Thermal Runaway to Safely Contain & Extinguish even the most adamant in-flight PED Lithium Battery Fires.

For use in-flight on board all Commercial Passenger Aircraft, Business Jets, General Aviation Aircraft , Helicopters, Research Aircraft, Air Ambulance, Cargo Aircraft Flight Decks & Light Aircraft.

To Contain and Extinguish PED Battery Fires related to Laptops, Mobile/Smart phones, Electronic Flight Bags, EBooks/ Tablet PCs, E-Cigarettes & Vaping Devices, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Dictaphones, MP3 Players, LED Flash Lights, Power Tool Battery/Spare Packs, GPS Receivers, Test Instruments, Thermal Imagers, Nebulizers, Bio- Medical Systems, etc.

The All Important Math for Airline CEO’s and Flight Operations Managers, Pilots and Load Masters alike, to work out¬† the major bottom line on Investment and Operational Costs and Fuel Burn relation to Weight of the unit being carried onboard on every flight and larger deployments of units per aircraft.